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When you enjoy your intimately prepared meals in a naturally decorated setting overlooking the stunning view of the Aegean Sea and the Greek Islands, we guarantee that you will miss more than one dish.


This year we are pleased to announce that our main restaurant is renovated to serve you better with a new name; Cliff Bodrum.

We have re-designed it to serve classical Aegean dining with a contemporary take. Chef and her culinary team will prepare delicious dishes with fresh and organic ingredients, using modern cooking techniques.

Cliff Bodrum restaurant will offer breakfast, lunch and dinner with an ever-changing view of the Aegean Sea and the Greek Islands.

There are no words to describe the view of the magnificent Aegean Sea and the Greek Archipelago from the infinity pool…

The changing colors and scenery through the day will never cease to amaze you as you relax and breathe in the Aegean abundance. The exquisite selection of drinks and snacks of Cliff Pool Bar will delight you all day long with your favorite flavors, re-imagined to include fresh ingredients and colors of Mediterannean cuisine.


What would you like to drink while listening to the relaxing sound of the waves of the Aegean Sea as you are lying at our private cove?

Beach Bar will serve you anything you desire around the beach area. Freshly brewed coffee to greet the day as you watch the sun rays shimmer on the inviting Aegean Sea, a delicious lunch after you take a swim in the refreshing water, a delicately mixed cocktail, or a glass of wine as the sun sets over the Greek Archipelago...



Experience a delicious dinner party for two from the magnificent view of our romantic cabanas. We will prepare and set up your dinner in a private cabana as you enjoy the company of your partner, the sparkling stars, the shimmering sea, and the Greek Archipelago.