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Allium Bodrum Resort & Spa is an exquisite luxury boutique hotel serving 36 uninterrupted sea-view rooms in 8 villas across a luxuriant slope of 13 acres. The resort is equipped with a heated infinity pool, an exquisite restaurant and cabanas overlooking the marvelous Aegean Sea and the Greek Archipelago. The ever-changing scenery never ceases to amaze you as every sunset is unparalleled in beauty.


You are unique in your taste, your habits, your likes. We believe that services should also be unique to suit you.

At Allium Bodrum Resort & Spa we believe hospitality should be about creating a personal experience. Serving only 36 rooms in such a high capacity resort allows us to offer bespoke services to each and every one of our guests.

Please let us know in advance how we may best serve you.


Sunsets are the perfect transition from day to night.

Watching the colors change as the sun descends over the Greek Archipelago is an exceptional experience each evening.

Savor these breath-taking moments with pleasure; enjoy an appetizing cocktail with your partner, take it in from your room, bask in abundance laying on your lounge chair or let yourself flow into the sunset in the infinity pool. Every sunset is another adventure waiting to be experienced.

The beauty of these sunsets is streamed live to show a glimpse of the surreal moments that await you at Allium Bodrum Resort & Spa.


The mesmerizing colors of the bougainvilleas may make this hard to believe, but Bodrum has not always been this abundant in nature. Cevat Şakir Kabaağaçlı, the Fisherman of Halicarnassus, should perhaps be known as "the Green Thumb of Halicarnassus". For it was him who ordered seeds from all over the world and planted them in Bodrum, a coastal city he fell in love with.

At Allium Bodrum, we are proud to carry this tradition forward as we grow and take care of varieties of endemic and exotic plants. In fact, the name Allium itself comes from a flower symbolizing good fortune and prosperity.


Life is much more enjoyable with a furry friend. We respect your companionship and we would love to host you with your pets up to 20 kilos at Allium Bodrum Resort & Spa.

As a pet-friendly hotel we will provide necessities such as comfortable pet beds, water and food bowls.

For hygiene reasons we would like to ask you not to bring your pets to the restaurant.


Allium Bodrum Resort & Spa always guarantees you the best rates. Book your uninterrupted sea-view room directly from our website and enjoy planning your unforgettable vacation right away.

We also offer a free cancellation policy to make sure you feel comfortable about your choices. For detailed information about packages you can choose from, make sure to visit our Packages section.